Orlando Childbirth Classes

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

This will be the most memorable time in your life and I’m a firm believer that the journey is just as memorable as the destination and every woman’s memory should be a positive one that brings you joy and happiness.

Orlando Natural Childbirth Classes

I’m Stefanie Weber, a 32 year old mother of two boys. My first son, Maddox, was a medicated hospital birth in a naval hospital in 2005. I received an epidural and was able to have a very pleasant birth with no interventions or complications with a midwife. With that being said, I was not prepared for labor. I took no classes and trusted my midwife to guide me through. So when I became pregnant with my youngest, Cash, in 2011, I knew that I wanted to be prepared. During the time between giving birth to my oldest and becoming pregnant with my second, I noticed an unfortunate trend of complicated births all involving interventions and most ending in a cesarean section. It got me questioning things and led me to start doing my research. After careful consideration of other birth classes available, I chose The Bradley Method®. The idea that the husband “coach” was such an important part of the labor process was really what drew me to it. I did not want to be alone in my journey. After enjoying 12 weeks of The Bradley Method® classes, I successfully gave birth in route to the birth center on Mother’s Day in 2012. I walked away from the experience feeling confident in my ability as a woman, confident in my body’s ability to do what it was meant to do, and I was no longer relying on my midwife to guide me. I felt educated which allowed giving birth on the passenger seat of our Tahoe to not be the scary situation most expect such a situation to be. My birth was my own and on my own terms that changed me forever in a way that my first birth experience didn’t.

I hope to educate and empower other couples on their journey through The Bradley Method® so they too can have their own births on their own terms that change them forever!

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