The Making of a Natural Birth Mom

I figured I should start this blog off by first introducing myself. My name is Stefanie Weber. I am the mother of two beautiful amazing little boys! I have to say that I have definitely come a long way as a mother. My first is now 7 and I was 23 when he was born. I was in the US Navy at the time and I questioned nothing. I did what was told and followed societies norms. I will say that I had little sparks of who I am today shine through back then. In the Navy, I had the option of a group of OB/Gyn’s providing my prenatal care or a single midwife. I opted for the midwife. I also believed whole heartedly in breastfeeding. I gave myself no other option. However, beyond that, I was the typical American woman. The idea of a birth outside of a hospital, without medical equipment, without the watchful eyes of those who are “experts”, was not even a thought in my mind. An epidural was the only “sane” way to go, saying to myself that I will go as long as I can, but for sure want the epi when things get intense. And circumcision was not even open for discussion. My son was going to be circumcised because isn’t every male? I was young and naive and ignorant. Continue reading