Menstrual cup… where have you been all my life?

Warning: This post may be a bit of TMI, but I just had to share with other women the wonderful world of menstrual cups.

It all began when I was 11 years old.  Fortunately for me, I welcomed this new part of my life over summer break while I was home.  This prevented me from having one of those traumatic stories of experiencing such a monumental event in the middle of school informing every classmate that I was “becoming a woman”.  It happened at home where I was able to keep it between myself and my mother.  Now, I can’t recall if I attempted the dreaded tampon during this first menstrual cycle or not, but I do know that when I did, it was an epic FAIL!  How was I ever going to get this thing up there???  So, for as long as I could remember, I was wearing pads.  Which being in Florida put a real damper on typical summer events of going to the beach and swimming in pools.  I’m not quite sure at what age I finally made the transition to tampons, but just like every other female out there, I finally figured it out and successfully “made it work”.  So, here I was at 31, and have been buying, using, and throwing away tampons every month of my womanhood (minus 9 months of pregnancy for Maddox, 9 months of pregnancy for Cash, and 12 months during the first 12 months of breastfeeding Cash).  So what does that total?  Hold on… I’ll do the math.  I’ve had my period for 20 years.  At 12 months a year, that’s 240 months.  Now lets take out my non-menstrual months and we come to 210 months.  Which means I’ve had roughly 210 periods by the age of 31, give or take.  So, at about $9.39 a box of my trusted brand of Tampax Pearl Multipax, 50 count, which I bought every month, means that I spent a total of $1,971.90 just on tampons!!! Continue reading